Great Day!

Today is a great day!  I am thrilled to launch my new passion project reHatch: a place for people just like me to connect their skills, experience and talent with meaningful job opportunities.  I believe in people potential and found myself speaking to countless exceptional people over the last few years who felt that they were “over-qualified” or “past their prime” but desperately wanted to continue to be a part of vibrant companies and organizations.  As a repeated theme, they did not see an avenue for connection with opportunities and so I decided to bite the bullet and create a bridge.  And as luck would have it, by happenstance, this very morning, on this great day, the CBC ran an episode featuring the exact group that I am shining a light on and Arlene Dickinson posted on LinkedIn about the old guard bringing new ideas. Please take a look around. I would love to hear your reHatching story, post you as a reHatcher and get your feedback. – Tessa