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Here we go ….. reHatcher #1:

Tessa Mintz    

Cross-functional, cross-sector business specialist.

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And welcome to reHatcher #2:

Greg Sarney    

Strategic communication services focused on the non-profit sector.

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And the list grows with …. reHatcher #3:

Richard Anson Nichols    

B2B Copywriting for Small to Mid-Sized Companies.

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reHatcher #4 ….. another early adopter:

Erm Lombardi    

Certified Facilitator, What Motivates Me Engagement Training.


And a solid #5 …

Leslie White

Rolls up her sleeves, brings deep financial sector expertise, entrepreneur.


Presenting #6:

Michelle Oliveira

Social media and marketing for small and medium sized enterprises.

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Adding to the reHatchery … #7:

Patti McCabe

Events and communications specialist with a focus on the non-profit and cultural sector.


And welcome to reHatcher #8:

Suzanne Tyson

Connector of dots and business development specialist.


Lucky #9:

Cheryl Finch

Content expert.


And a terrific addition … #10

Jamie Soo

HR Professional – I help employers connect with their employees – Feeling connected is key.


Welcome to reHatcher #11!

Kathleen Lepidas (Pen name: Kathleen Jones)

A lover of words who writes from the heart.

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And here is our dozen … #12

Marcia Ross

B2B content creator. Specialist in sticky, engaging copy for innovators.

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And now a baker’s dozen … hello to #13

Lesley Brown

25 years experience in strategic leadership positions.


14 and 15 now on board…..

Candace Vogel

Back office solutions.  Organizational and operational expertise.


Susan Brooke

Business Transformation Leader and Strategic Facilitator.




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